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I am a forex day trader, i have lost over $15,000. can you help me? i will deposit 5000 for first week and add another 9000 after first week if the result are good.

thank you Emma, i have paid off all my debts and I’m reaching my financial freedom with your managed account service step by step.

I used a trader from india that is really a scammer. he lost $3950 in my nadex account. then i tried Emma with $10000 as i try her service for first week, she grow my account to $42096 in 4 trading days. then i added another $50000. now my balance reach $278963. i have recommended this service to my close friends.

Can you help me to trade my current account with 24option; as i know there are limitation on the account; if you don’t want to trade it; which broker do u recommend ?

i can start with 5k first week, then go 20k after 1 week, then 50k after 1 month if all things goes well. hope this works for me

I’m Mariano, I come from Italy, before I join Emma, I was scammed 24000 USD in total by a trader. then I authorize Emma to manage my account on binary, she traded my $10000 to 74290 usd in the first week. this help me a lot. i come here to say thanks. you are just as great as other people say. good luck

Can I use other binary broker? I live in a country where most popular broker sites are not accepted. I have an account with bitpanda i’v 3500 euro in the account. how much do I need to add before you can manage my investment?

hi Emma, i just sent the $50963 for your share of last week. please continue trading after you receive the payment. thanks

hi, can i start with 9k? i will deposit more money if results are good enough. thanks

hello, i live in london. can i use binary as i want to start with 50k usd. if results is good, i can deposit upto 150k usd. looking forward your good work.

thank you very much. Emma helped me a lot in trading my account. made a 60.5% return in this week.highly recommended.

Can you trade for me? as i live in Australia so i cant trade volatility indices. can you trade forex pair binary for me on it? thanks

i want to try with 7k first. if things good, i can add another 45k. which broker can i use? i’m in Australia.

i just won about 6400 pounds in last week, very good, will refer my friends to you. keep good trading !

I have a trading account and my balance is around $87,000 Can you help me manage my portfolio? I want to gain profit of $10k weekly if you can possibly earn me this amount weekly i will add more funds over time. Many Thanks

i just come across your site by searching binary option trader. i have 8000 pounds in my binary account. can you manage it for me. i can increase the balance to 50000 pounds max after a week if everything is good. thank you.

Hi Emma,
I own crypto wallet I opened two years ago which i call karken to activate. Can I test with 7k for a week? I will add another 10k or 15k if the performance is great.thanks
Jenny Kim from Chicago

Do you offer managed account services to Norway citizen? can i invest with €6000 euro ? then i can deposit another €15000 after results. thanks

Hi Dear Emma,
I’m Shannon from NY, I already opened binary account and verified it. Can I use the amount in my account to hire you to trade for me? I have $10,000 and if I get good results I will add up to $100,000

I want to share my experience with Emma. I started my investment with $20,000 on binary which has earned me return of $140,000 in my first two weeks.. this is amazing. before i joined Emma, i tried a guy from India and he lost my 30k. thanks for Emma’s help.

just finished 3 days trading and made $16729 in total from my $1500 account. not bad. highly recommended.

I have purchased $25000 worth of bitcoin via coinbase. sent message via instagram and your email. please check. i will install instant chat on my PC later today.

i started with $8500 about 2 weeks ago and now my balance is $160392; strongly recommend!

I have a forex account and the current balance is about 5800 dollars. Can you help me trade? I know this is much below the minimum 10k. I will keep my profit in the account to compound and deposit weekly to stay invested.

started with $17k usd 3 weeks ago and balance reach $154000 now after withdrawal, i reinvested $50000. Highly recommend !
Neal from Florida

Hello Emma i want to join your trading service. i can deposit 15000 USD to my account. but my card still not verified by abra wallet. i need verify it and my bank account first. how much can i make each month with $15000? thanks

I have a Brd account. can i test with $3000 for first week. if the performance is good enough i will put another $9000.

I have a binary account with $6308. Can you manage it for me? If good outcome I will increase my investment to $30000 next week, Thanks

I traded on my own but I loss 8000 euro. Would you like to manage my account if i deposit 7800 euro? i will increase my investment to $10000 euro after i see profits. Cheers!

I have an account with binary. I plan to invest $10k to see your performance and will add another 15k after 1 week if all goes well. Thanks.

Emma has grown my account to 30k till now, great job! highly recommended!

Thanks for your service. Already add my balance to 20k. You can start with it next Monday.

I loss about 7k euro with another account manager. i asked help from Emma and she help me recover my losses with just 9k euro within 2 weeks. thank you very much. the good thing is that her profit share is very low.

I think it is unfair that uk customers have to pay higher than everybody else minmum you say is $10000, i have that but because i live in the uk i have to deposit £10000? that’s a lot higher.

I have lost about 18k trading by myself. I just find it too hard to make money. Can I test your service with 8k euros first and then add up to 30k after in few days? Please help me, thank you.

I started with approximately $10121 dollars in my the span of three days we made $ far so good!!!

I wasted $40,000 due to lack of experience trading on my own, but now I made up my mind to be careful. That’s why I chose Managed Account Services with Emma, ​​and it’s been great since I started 🙂

I wanna start with 18k first and I will Add more funds to the trade if your performance is good in the first week

I’m quite certain I’ll learn lots of new stuff, now that i earn 15k per week through Emma services. thats amazing !!

I;m from Germany, are your services available in Germany? which broker do you recommend? can i use binary? I want to start my investment with €50000 Euros

Emma is the greatest trader I have found. I started with $10,000 and she grew my account to $41,760 in one weeks. this is so incredible!

I started trading binary options with Emma which has earned me profit of $52014, so amazing

Have earn $90000 in the past few weeks. i will deposit $140,000 this week. good job

I came across your site searching traders directory. i’m impressed with your performance. I want to start with $10k first and i will increase my stake to 60k after few trades.

I’ve invested through Emma’s managed account Services. i made $25000 on my $10k account after 4 days of investment Recommended!!!

I live in Canada. binary does not accept Canadian residence. Can anyone recommend a broker that accept Perfect Money and Skrill for payment? What should I do to get started investing with you Emma?

I came across your website searching google. i’m impressed by your performance.thanks David

You are a very Confident and Well Analyzed Risk Takers who do Quick Massive Turnarounds, Guys I went in with Emma yesterday for the First time with 10K and in matter of 3 hours I Gained Profit of 4K in 3 hours. Nice Work!

I am Melina from Germany; I have 120,000 euros in my forex account being traded by another forex trader who loss 30,000 from my account. I have asked him to stop trading for me already,I want to try your service. Can you consider me a VIP Client?

I have gained 25k usd from Emma’s trading service from my 10k usd capital. thank you very much. highly recommended

can i start with $5000 first and increase more after i’m satisfied?

I came across your site searching for trader via instagram. I have lost about 15k last month; i would be happy to make 45% per week. will join when i have my fund ready

I intended to invest 50k euro which i have already in my localbitcoin wallet. i have invested some money on bitpanda too.i just want to try your service with 18000 euro and i will put 50k later.

I have satisfied experience with Emma till now. i would refer this service to my close friends. so they can make some money as well.

Thanks a lot for giving everyone remarkably brilliant possiblity to earn money on binary option. Emma is a generous lady and help me a lot. highly recommended

Nice job, I like your performance and results. I made $12500 by copying your trading strategy 🙂

I precisely had to thank you very much all over again. you are the best

I actually wanted to type a quick message to say thanks to you for the perfect work you’ve done.

A lot of thanks for all your valuable work, Your performing a very good job. will refer to my friends

I came across your site and i’m impressed by your performance, i would try 5000 GBP first; if good, will put another 15000 pounds.

Thank you Emma, you saved my life. after i lost 20k with 24options by another trader called Steve, which made me lose hope but now you’ve saved me, thank you; highly recommended

I managed to raise the starting amount of $10,000 and deposit it with Emma. I received $67,000 after 14 trading days, thank you Emma

Hello, I want you to manage my own binary account. Is it okay? How much would you recommend starting my investment with?

I loss $5,970 trading my account and I still have $12,000. Can you continue my account?

I plan to start with $10,000 with you to manage it. which broker can I use?

i come from Germany. i want to try your service. can i start with 10000 euro; any discount on profit share?

I Just checked your site and i’m interested in your service; i want to start with 5000 pounds first and add more funds if i’m satisfied with the performance.

I hope this helps! I want to start with 10000 USD first; if it works, i will add 25000 usd more and then go with 50,000 usd; thanks

I read through the comment session and found that Emma is very unique from other traders online. I will try your service.

I have sent your share for last week; can you cut the share to 15% if i increase my balance to 200,000 euro?

I’ve been losing so much investing because I’m new and haven’t met the right fund manager to invest with. I was about to quit when I met Emma and my story changed. Well worth a try.Thanks Emma❤️

I will try with 10,000 euro and add more after i see it works. thanks

Hi There! i have been scammed by a trader on 24options; could you help with 15000 GBP?

i got scammed by bad trade called Benjamin ; can you help me trading? and recommend reliable brokers

hi, i come from Germany. can i start trading on binary ? i can put 9000 euro for the trail and would pleased to invest more if you are really good. thank you.


Can you please let me know if i fund with 5000-8000 usd can you manage the account?

earned another 24805 usd in last month, it is time to say goodbye to my boss

A long time ago, I participated in binary option but without benefiting anything from it. I decided to use Emma to trade for us. I was convinced that it would be easier to use a Good account manager as i always lost control and blow my own account by myself. I tried to look for a profitable traders. Unfortunately, no traders convinced me! then a friend of mine refer Emma ‘s trading team and i’m satisfied with the results so far. highly recommended

Sweet results; has started with 5000 euro and now compound it to 17230 euro; thanks

thanks Emma, i have received my first withdraw of $41375 from binary; i will send your share today. thanks for ur good work

hi Emma
I have account with IQ option and funded 5000 usd, with bonus, the balance is 13426 usd, can u manage it for me

Hi Emma,
I have an account with 24options, can you help manage it for me. i have accepted the bonus of 3000 usd. the balance is about 18k for now. please help me. thanks

the service just great, I have earned $37529 for this week, I will be rich soon under the help of Emma.

I’m satisfied with the service of Emma. cant be better than this. 🙂
the best thing is that Emma charge 20% of the total profit earned so she work hard to make as much as possible. they only get paid when there is profits.
Amy Rose

Hi Emma, thanks for your trading, i will refer you to my close friends. good luck


there is great way to use the service of Emma. I enjoy the feel when there are stable profits made each week, who does not? lol
Great, you will not be regret to use Emma’s managed account service.

I’ve done a reseach on a list of managed account service till now and i would be glad to join you with 20000 euro, hope great cooperation with you.

𝗚𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗿 𝗼𝗳 𝗮𝗹𝗹 𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲 Emma Schwarz, I didn’t believe until i saw my trade outcome 𝗙𝗼𝗿 𝗮 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘁 𝗜 𝗱𝗲𝗽𝗼𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗱 $7000 𝘁𝗼 𝘁𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘄𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗿, 𝗶𝗻 𝗳𝗲𝘄 𝗱𝗮𝘆𝘀 𝗜 𝗴𝗼𝘁 𝗮 𝗿𝗲𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗻 𝗼𝗳 $5800. 𝗛𝗲𝗿 𝗱𝗶𝗹𝗶𝗴𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗵𝗼𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘁𝘆 𝗶𝘀 𝘂𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗻𝗶𝗮𝗯𝗹, highly recommended

This is just great, Emma’s team helped me a lot investing. thanks

Eivan refered me to Emma and I just starting make good money since then. all the best


I have contact you via E-mail. I’m interested to join you with 10000 euro at the start. please offer me a slot.

have sent your share of 11250 usd for last week by skrill, check it, 🙂

the service is wonderful. I lost $130000 and Emma helped me on recovery. it took about 2 weeks to recover all the losses with $15000 capital, just unbelievable!
Ya, Huang

I have a company and want to open an account with corporate details. how can i do that?


What can I say, I lost $6,900 with another trader Name Steven, my hard earned money. The good thing is Emma helped me and made up for my loss from another bad trader. Thank you

Hey Emma,
I want you to manage my binary option account. a friend told me about you. I decide to invest 10,000 euros at the beginning and then consider a sum of 40,000 euros after the first week. Many Thanks

I managed the funds of our company by myself before my close friends Jason recommend Emma and her team to me. In the first month, I put about $80000 in my account and his team make it to $952681 usd, then I present the statement of the account and the result to the partners of the company, all shareholders agreed Emma and her team to manage the funds of our company. now it grow to $2.7 million. it is a great way to add values to our business especially under the downturn of market. thanks, highly recommended!

hi Emma,
how are you. I’m a college student, I saved about 7000 pounds by starting a small business. I want you to manage it for me to look for capital growing, so that I can start a bigger business when I graduate with the funds. I will keep my share to grow in the account. thanks

my account down 3% at the first day due to a computer failure, but it is ok, Emma just helped me recover it back and made 23708 euro net profits the next day, I will see more days, and plan to invest to 300000 euros with the rate at which things are going for me.

I have withdraw 12000 euro and keep the rest in account for you manage. I got withdrawal in my bitcoin wallet, thanks

Thanks for your good work, I will send your share when I back home since I don’t have the phone at hand, I need it to login my bitcoin wallet since I turn on the double factor security on my wallet. will do transfer soon when I back home. thanks for your patience.


the trading is just good as others said, I made the decision to join by seeing the reviews here and internet. not disappointed. the performance just better than the claimed 35% weekly. thank you very much for your great service.


I want to share my experience with Emma. I have 6+ years of experience in Web Application Development, Architecture Design and saved about 400,000 SGD with work hard. but the nightmare start when I start trading by myself. it is just be addicative and I cant control myself. lost about 230000 dollars on option trading and forex. after I met Emma by a recommendation of my classmate in college, I invested about 40000 sgd to test the water. it turned into 237560 dollards after the first month. I cant say thanks more. for the new investors advice, don’t place trades by yourself even you are a professional trader. the psychology will make you lose money with your own hands, this is my lesson learned. thanks again!

I have already opened the account and will invest 10000 USD at the beginning. will let you know after the funds credit to my account.

I already sent the 16752 euro for your share of last week, please let me know after you got it. thanks

Thanks for your good service, you helped me payback all the loan now, wish a bigger success !

Hi Emma, I have send the email on the managed account service you provide. please reply me, thanks

John Evans
South Africa

I have been here for a long time, great to see so many successful experience, i will join next week.

I start trading by myself from the last August and make some small money at the first. then I want to win back but the things become worse, I just lost more in the end. I accept the fact that I cant trade and win money. during a meeting in Melbourne, a friend referred Emma and her team. I started with 18,806 AUD with her and first week, she made 80820 aud net profits. till now, my balance grow to 9460870 AUD. God bless you!
Sydney, Australia

Too good to be true, but cash keep rolling into my account !Thanks Emma

Emma traded my investment account on my behalf for about 2 weeks till now, my balance grows to $100752 USD from $20,000 USD. this is amazing, will refer my friends to you.

good trading, good service, just paid the share of 18742 pounds last week.
Lisa Melnis

when I attend a wedding of my friend. I heard the guys on another table talking about investment on binary option. I never thought about investing in binary before that day. the man driving a new Porsche 918 and nice. I just asked him for the contact info of Emma, he gave me since he also is the friend of my old friend. so it is good way to know new great friends to attend wedding of friends. the story began and I become financial freedom after months works with Emma. many thanks
Jack, Lee

can i try with 5000 pounds? i live in UK now, and can i use binary? Wishing you Happiness and Good Cheer this Christmas

i want to say thanks. this help me a lot. i just paid back my student loan. highly recommended

I deposited $11500 for the first week, Emma made $39629 for me during the first week. then i added another $17700, now my balance is $228672. thanks for your help !!!

hi all,
I come to this site by searching managed account service. there is no good chance for investment on financial markets worldwide. I have lost a lot on the forex. when I find Emma, who is just so nice and helped me a lot. in the first month, he earn me about 34k pounds, although there is still a long way to go for recover my loss on forex, I believe philp will help me make it.
Sean White
London, UK

I have just start with 10k as I’m a new graduate from college. with my savings , Emma helped me grow it to 38.5 K Euro. in this way, I could start paying back my student loan. thank you so much. 🙂
Drew from Germany

just be good, the great thing is that i tested with as small 0f 10k$ and increase after being satisfied with the trade outcome.


I have tried emailing you but no success so far. Are you getting my emails.

I have tried emailing you but no success so far. Are you getting my emails.

Emma Traded my account with about 9000 euro last week. the trade outcome has been helping me a lot. highly recommended!

Emma made about $27k for me by trading the crude oil and US stock indices on during last 2 weeks. thank you very much. It takes 2 days to withdraw to my UK bank account. Thanks

I come from South africa i can invest up to 100k if your results is good. which broker should i use? please reply. thanks

thanks Emma, i have paid back all my debt $150,000 this month. i never expected i can payoff all my debt in such a short time. thank you very much.

Emma helped me made about $17,000 in my account. highly recommended!

thanks, Emma have managed my binary account for 13 trading days. my 10k usd account turned into about $162k. made a lot of profits from crypto. thank you very much.

i have about 4700 usd in my binary account, can you help me manage it?

i wanna test your service with 5000 gbp first. if all result is good, i will put another 15000 in. so please take care of my account. will send you details after my account set up.

my friend introduced Emma to me. I have used the service for about six months. made about $950k usd net profits. very impressive. thanks and merry Christmas

i have a account with 4700 euro in it. i just think of using you to trade my account for me. sorry, my english not good. help me brotehr.

i want you manage my binary account. can i start with 40000 usd? i will definitely add more funds if results are really good. thank you

i have a binary acct already with 7500 euro, can you manage it for me?

i have a binary can i use Btc as currency on my binary account? i want to to start with 10 btc. if results is attractive i will deposit more bitcoin. thank you.

hi, i would like you trade my binary account. i just have $70000 in coinbase account. i will withdraw all into binary account. please let me know how much i can gain each week?

i have a crypto account with 5500 dollars, can you manage it for me? i would be happy to deposit more after i see results.

i have just started my managed account portfolio with Emma. i deposit 16000 dollars last Monday and current balance reach 39752 dollars. impressive!!!

hi there,
I currently hold bitcoin in various crypto wallet about a total of 45,000 dollars. i lost $5500 dollars trading by myself. can you help me? i would like to deposit up to $50,000 after i see good positive results from my first 2 trades under your management. thank you.

hi there,
I just tried to trade by myself on nadex but lost most trades. I lost about 2600 dollars in total. I wanna you to trade on my behalf. I can deposit 15000 at first and put more money if results are good. thanks

Can i start with 4000 euro? i will raise more fund if the results is good. please help me.

hi there,
i have been trading binary option for about 2 months. i do made money on binary but lost my capital together with the profits finally. i know it is hard to make profits consistently on trading for a newbie. so i want you to manage my binary account for me. i can deposit $65000 as a start and add more money if happy with your results.

I have just tested the service of Emma and her team with my $13000. she made me $28900 during the first week. will put more money in. so you can trade it. very good

i have a Binary account with $12000+ in it. i can deposit up to $100,000 if results is good enough. thanks

Hi there,
How much can you make per week trading binary options? I will deposit 10k usd in my account for first month. I can go with 50k if results is good. Can I leave my share of profit in the account? Thanks

can you trade binary account? i can invest 25000 pounds.
how much can i make each week with your managed account service if it works? thanks

Hi there,
i have 17500 usd to invest. can you manage it for me. i have a coinbase account but i have not used it for two years. i need to send coinbase documents to reactivate it.

You are a smart and disciplined trader. i checked the trading history in my account. good risk management. will stick to your service for years.highly recommended

I just checked your site and the result is impressive. i will try with 10000 dollars for first 2 weeks. i can add more money if it is really good. please leave a slot for me.

i want to try with 5000 usd but i only have 4000 usd on hand. can you help me trading? i will put more after i get my salary.

i just sent your share via bitcoin total 2.356 btc. please check your btc wallet.

i was scammed by iqoption can you help me trading on a reliable broker?

can you manage my account if i deposit 100k usd? is there a discount on your share?

steve’s team helped me earn about $9762 in last month after paying their share of profits. i may quit my job

i opened Karken account 2 years ago. i did not verify my card and bank account since i lost the last deposit. i want to try with 4000 usd. can you help me trading it?

i come from Sweden and lost a lot money on trading binary by myself. can i test with 2000 for first week? i will add to 10000 if result is good for sure.

I’m a victim of many binary option scams. i used oversea brokers but they don’t allow withdraw. Which broker is the best choice for most people ?. i want to trade binary but i dont understand how to earn money. then i search binary options on instagram and find this service. i want to deposit 5000 usd first to see how good the service is and will add more if i’m satisfied.

before i join the Emma, i trade by myself. i made money some days and then lost. i just cant make money consistently. i become greedy when i’m in profit while scared after i lost several trades in a row. i found i cant control myself when i login my account and start trading. i lost about $35000 in total by myself. it’s really hard for me to admit the fact that i cant earn money consistently by trading. it’s my friend Grant who pull me out of the vicious circle by referring Emma to me. i just stop trading for myself for 27 days till today. Emma’s team grows my account with 30%-60% per week consistently. thank you very much.

Hi there,
I have $40000 in my trade account. can you grow it to 300k in 3 months as i have a debt to pay off. please reply me. thanks

It really great using your managed account service.i’m a dentist and very busy. have no time to trade everyday.I am happy to find a trader who can really help me make money on my behalf.

I’m here to write a review after working with Emma for a month. there were no losses during my 20 trading days. total net profit $92672.the result is as good as my friends said. recommended

I’m not rich but I can start with 8000 USD, can you guys provide a seat for me. please, thank you very much

Ali Mahmoudi

i tried opening forex account but most broker doesn’t accept customers from my country. which platform would you recommend I’m from the United states?

I want to invest over $500,000. Investing my money with you is no problem because i have read about your success. My only concern is how much profit can you earn me weekly with an investment of $500,000. Please check your email. I’ve sent several messages. Still no answer. I am very interested and want to start investing immediately. i’m waiting for your answer to all my questions

very impressive performance Emma. i’m glad to see my $6000 Binary account grows to $21286 now. thanks

i have about 50k in my account. i hope you can manage it for me. thank you very much.

Hi there
do you have discount on profit share if i deposit 150000 usd as a Vip client? of course i will trail with 50000 usd for first week and would be glad to add another 40000 usd if i like your results.

I have been trading binary options for a while, i earn a maximum 1000euros using my own trading strategies, I want to increase my trade outcome using your account management services, can i startup my investment with 14000 euro? which reliable broker would you recommend? i live in Netherlands.

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